Nobles Night 2012: a Castle Restored

The Castle officially reopened on Nov. 16, 2012, on Nobles Night. Below, read thoughts from Head of School Bob Henderson about the birth of the Castle. Also, scroll down to see video and photo galleries related to this very special event.

“What took shape in the imagination of one man—railroad and textile magnate Albert W. Nickerson—has helped shape a school culture steeped in history and focused on community.

In the late 19th century, Nickerson’s ambition became manifest in his home—his very own Castle. He commissioned imminent architect H.H. Richardson to design the Castle and landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted to design the grounds overlooking the Charles River. Nickerson clearly intended to leave his mark on the world. What he couldn’t have foreseen is that his expression of wealth and determination would become Nobles’ symbol for community and purpose—for caring about the public good.”
—Robert P. Henderson, Jr. ’76, Head of School