Nobles Launches Be Nobles Bold

On Nov. 16, 2013, more than 800 graduates, parents and friends of Nobles gathered in the Castle to celebrate the official launch of Be Nobles Bold: the Campaign to Secure Our Mission.

Board of Trustees President Beth Reilly ’87 welcomed guests, likening one’s first Nobles Night to a really fun wedding—and subsequent Nobles Nights as annual renewals of vows when community members make public their support of Nobles and its mission. She acknowledged the death of former Headmaster Ted Gleason and his profound legacy, which includes bringing many now-master teachers to Nobles.

"When I think about Ted Gleason’s legacy," she said, "I trace a direct line to the young faculty members he attracted and retained, who became the instrumental, transformative leaders of this institution over the past four decades."

Head of School Robert P. Henderson, Jr. ’76 also thanked guests for coming. He shared with the audience the evolution of the school’s mission statement and how, in 2009, the reaccreditation committee used the mission to inspire leadership for the public good as a measure of the school’s effectiveness. He quoted from the committee’s report: “’Nobles is a school whose mission, ethos, people and program are in harmonious and extraordinarily effective alignment.’”

 “Even at that moment of reaccreditation in 2009, we were looking ahead to our future,” Henderson said, “trying to sort out how to make a great school even greater, and, more importantly, how to ensure that the salient strengths of this community will be passed along to subsequent generations of Nobles faculty and students.” 

He said that the trustees began to articulate a long-range plan that is playing out now and is the basis for the Be Nobles Bold campaign. The campaign aims to raise $112 million in the next three years, with $60 million of the total to support endowment. To date, $61 million has been raised.

Henderson explained how the Nobles business model relies on extraordinary human resources—people willing and able to invest themselves in the community and in students’ lives. The resources that allow Nobles to support academics, experiential learning and other meaningful experiences is costly and many costs are outpacing the increase in inflation.

“The [opportunities] to keep pace with these costs in the future are limited; with our annual fund and summer camp operating at nearly full capacity already, endowment remains as the only means by which we can secure our mission for the next generation, as well as for our students in the days more immediately ahead.”

The event also featured the unveiling of the Annual Nobles Fund and First Class Fund for Faculty total as of the event, which totaled more than $3.9 million. Holly Haseotes Bonomo '86 P'19 serves as chair of the trustee development committee, which oversees the effort.