A Bold Vision

It’s a clarion call to all those who know and love Noble and Greenough School.

A Nobles education is one that spurs students to take smart risks, to be bold in their classes, on their teams and in trying new experiences — whether it’s theatre or lacrosse, community service or study abroad. At Nobles, we teach our students to move beyond their default comfort zones. Our graduates, in turn, live the school’s mission of inspiring leadership for the public good.

After 150 years, Nobles is at a juncture. And the time is right to be bolder than ever. We recognize challenges inherent in the financial model of Nobles and all schools like ours. Tuition is increasing faster than inflation, and many families see Nobles as being out of reach—regardless of how their student could contribute to this community.

Those who believe in Nobles, who care deeply about what Nobles does for young people, can strengthen the school by building endowment. A robust endowment can allow the school to take smart risks: to innovate, to attract and engage intellectually vital community members, to test our ideas on how best to effect our mission. Together, we can sustain the excellence that is our legacy while meeting challenges with confidence. This is why we are launching Be Nobles Bold: the Campaign to Secure Our Mission.